Dogpile is a search engine that when you search something it will give you the results of Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Ask. The best part is that you wont get any duplicates, dogpile will decide which results are the most relevant to you search, eliminates duplicates and reveals them to you. You can search Web, Images, Video, News, Yellow Pages, and White Pages.

Reasons I use Dogpile:
1. To get the exact search results
2. To get exact photo results
3. To get exact video results
4. To easily search yellow pages to find businesses
5. To easily search white pages to find people
6. You can download the toolbar for easy access
7. You can easily search news and other community information.
8. You can view your horoscope on the Dogpile homepage
9. You can make Dogpile your homepage
10. You can bookmark and share using dogpile too

Dogpile Homepage

The different search engines connected to Dogpile

Dogpile's daily horoscope easily link

Dogpile's Logo: Arfie The Dog